Laser Profilometer


The device is used to measure the road or runway pavement profile and the macro / mega texture. It consists of a beam with a desired length and a laser instrument installed in a car or integrated Skiddometer BV11 friction tester.  As a result the surface profile is measured and shown on the display of a Laptop or Tablet computer. The results are also stored in the memory and can be sent to Web Service. The beam is also provided with an inclinometer.

The equipment can be integrated with Moventors friction products or can work individually. The laser accuracy is selected by the needs of the users and integrations in many ways are possible. It can be equipped also with IRI (International Roughness Index) measuring device.


Range of use

Laser profilometer can be used for several purposes:

  • Research of the wear resistance of surfaces
  • The wearing process of road, street and airport pavements
  • Traffic noise research


Measuring principle

The laser unit is automatically driven by 12V electrics. The profile is measured with a laser instrument at desired intervals, e.g. 1 or 2mm. The measuring process is controlled from the computer by giving operation orders such as the starting and end points, measuring interval, the name of the measurement, the date, start order etc. When started the device makes a measurement and returns back to the starting point.

The power is taken from a separate 12V car battery or directly from the vehicle.


Technical information

Beam length Usually 1.5 or 4m
Measuring interval 1mm (macro texture)
Resolution of laser 0.05mm (micro / macro texture)
Measuring time 1min / 20s



Texture class Wave length Note
Micro texture 0-0.5mm Practical range 0.05-0.5mm
Macro texture 0.5-50mm
Mega texture 50-500mm
Roughness IRI 0.5-30m Measuring range 0.5-8m with 4m beam length
IRI4 0.5-4m