MI-900 Computer


MI-900 computer for friction measuringThe Skiddometer MI-900 Computer is used to record and print out friction data. It has been developed in close co-operation with several airport customers, following the success story of older MI-series computers. All the older computer types are still fully usable. The MI-900 computer has many advantages:

  • Easy to use, large screen
  • Reliable even in the most extreme weather conditions
  • Screen display and printouts follow ICAO and FAA
  • Unlimited measuring data saved on memory cards
  • Laptop compatible.


Technical data

  • Compatible with all Skiddometer BV-11 friction measurement trailers
  • Compatible with MI-9 and MI-90 measurement cable and power supply cable
  • Power supply 12V 10A
  • Working temperature –20 to +40 Celsius (-4 to +104 Fahrenheit)
  • Internal memory 1gb
  • External memory up to 2 gb
  • CPU Dual core
  • Size: 251 x 142 x 56 mm (10 x 5,6 x 2,2 inch)
  • Mounting: VESA 75
  • Paper with 112 mm (4,4 inch) (same as MI90)
  • One year full warranty
  • Manufacturer: Moventor Oy Inc.



MI-900 friction measuring computer from front


MI-900 friction measuring computer connections



MI-900 can be attached to a stand through the back panel. In the back of the MI-900 there is a VESA 75 standard mount. A VESA 75 compatible stand can be attached through four M4 bolts. If you want to know more about the stands suitable for your vehicle, please contact us with the information given in the contact page.

Mounting MI-900 friction measuring computer to vehicle


Protection against interference

An MI-900 used for military purposes is protected against radio interference. Thus it complies with the requirements of the MIL-standard 461C, part 8 , method UM03. This calls for providing the voltage and measurement cables with separate interference protection devices. The MI-900 and analog indicators have already been protected.


Use of password

The purpose of having a password for entrance to part of the program is to protect many very vital parameters from being changed by unauthorized or untrained personnel, because this would jeopardize the safe and accurate function of the MI-900.


Software updates

Updating the software is done via the memory card. Manufacturer automatically sends the updates and the updating can be done on site.


PC Software and connectivity

You can connect the MI-900 to a laptop via USB or RS232. The Friction software gives you detailed information about the measurement in clear colors. The data can be transferred in real time or afterwards via the memory card. The data can be stored and printed out.

Friction shown in software on PC


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