Evaluating Runway Conditions


There are many factors affecting on Runway conditions. Moventor is specialized on evaluating safe landing and take-off conditions on runway. Some of the criteria are based on weather but many are also depending on the actual condition of the pavement. Pavement micro and macro texture are important factors as well as evaluating bumps on the runway with Boeing Bump Index. And of course weather and number of landings will cause the friction level going lower on landing areas which is a safety issue. Moventor offers variety of products evaluating these criteria which helps airport operators ensure safe runway conditions in all times.


Global Runway Reporter

Global Reporting Format based softwareICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) has put lot of effort to build up a harmonized reporting system called Global Reporting Format (GRF). The purpose of this is that no matter where the pilot is landing, he or she is getting the runway report in same format and in a way that the reported condition is the same in all airports. This new format replaces all existing formats in November 2020. All airports should report runway conditions according to this Global Reporting Format by then. So basically all airports should report runway conditions and with Global Runway Reporter software this can be easily done in a way that it always follows ICAO standards.

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Roughness on runway with Boeing bump indexBoeing Bump Index

This guideline gives airport operators procedures to evaluate a pavement surface profile in terms of roughness and the impact pavement roughness may have on civilian airplanes. There are many factors affecting the roughness of the surface of runway. One important factor among others is Boeing Bump Index.

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Laser Profilometer

The device is used to measure the road or runway pavement profile and the macro / mega texture. It consists of a beam with a desired length and a laser instrument installed in a car or integrated Skiddometer BV11 friction tester.  As a result the surface profile is measured and shown on the display of a Laptop or Tablet computer. The results are also stored in the memory and can be sent to Web Service. The beam is also provided with an inclinometer.

The equipment can be integrated with Moventors friction products or can work individually. The laser accuracy is selected by the needs of the users and integrations in many ways are possible. It can be equipped also with IRI (International Roughness Index) measuring device.

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