About us

CFME - Continuous friction measuring equipment

CFME means equipment which friction value is determined in a way that friction values are measured from the whole runway length. This way the most accurate results are achieved and the difference on friction levels on different parts of the runway can be evaluated. The Skiddometer -principle is a measuring way that was a break trough and remains the same still today although the technology surrounding the measuring system has improved a lot in 60 years. This old and reliable measuring principle added with new technology has made Skiddometer the most reliable and advanced measuring system in the market. Moventor manufactures, delivers and services Skiddometer BV11 continuous friction measuring equipment around the world.

Global Reporting format - GRF

Global Reporting Format is a runway reporting format developed by aviation authorities, such as ICAO. The GRF is implemented by airports to report runway conditions in a standardized way. This helps pilots to sense the reported conditions in more harmonized way all around the world. In the end, this increases safety when implemented in correct way.

Runway reporting includes reporting the runway conditions, such as contaminants, temperature, snowbanks, etc. Also important is to time the reports in precise accuracy. Moventor developes and installs Global Runway Reporting software to airports around the world. The software solution digitalizes the whole runway reporting process from the inspector vehicle to publishing the SNOWTAM to relevant networks. We are a one time shop for safe runway reporting.



Moventor Oy is a modern, international, strongly growing and developing manufacturing company, highly specialised in friction measurement and the airport equipment & software business. Our core business areas include developing, manufacturing, delivering and servicing Skiddometer BV 11 continuous friction measuring equipment around the world, developing and delivering Global Runway Reporter software and representing EHR- Fahrzeugtechnik Cleaning Systems in the Scandinavian region.

Moventor’s head office and factory are located in Ylöjärvi in Finland. Moventor is committed to providing you products and services that increase the value and effectiveness of your business.


Moventor manufacturers products from best quality materials and components. Partners are selected carefully and quality followed constantly. Our employees are committed to provide best possible quality. All friction testers and software products are going through advanced testing procedure before delivering them to customeres.  All Moventor products are designed and built for tough demands. They provide the highest quality, outstanding reliability and performance. Based on the highest quality, we can promise our products the lowest life cycle costs in the industry. To assure the quality, Moventor is ISO 9001 certified. 


All Moventor products are designed and built for tough demands and to last for decades.  The materials are selected based on expected life cycle, quality and environmental friendliness. Based on the strict material selection, we can promise longest life cycle in the industry. The friction testers can be overhauled and majority of the parts can be re-used for many times to extend the life time.  The company policy is to offer economically and environmentally best solution to customers looking for friction tester renewal. Great environmental friendliness doesn’t mean compromising quality. To assure this, Moventor is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

The Moventor product selection:


  • Skiddometer BV11, the world’s leading Continuous Friction Measurement Equipment (CFME). Skiddometer® runway friction testing systems are used today in civil and military operations with close to 400 units. Systems consist of the Skiddometer BV11 trailer and a Touch Screen Computer for calculating, recording and printing friction data. Optionally the system can be equipped with “WMS” or “On-Board” self wetting systems for runway calibration, i.e. measuring friction in water depth of 1 mm in accordance with the standards of the ICAO and FAA.
  • Skiddometer BV11 Vehicle Integration is the most modern way for friction measuring. The well proven Skiddometer® technology has been adapted to utilize electric motor for wheel lifting to make very robust, simple and seamless vehicle integration. When you are looking for all-in-one package for friction testing, this is the way to go.
  • EHR-Fahrzeugtechnik Cleaning Systems (Scandinavian representation). EHR Cleaning Systems meet the needs of demanding industrial applications. These advanced products are designed for use in airports, municipal engineering and road construction projects.
  • Moventor also offers after sales services, training, and consultancy. All our delivery projects can be provided with different financing options: direct ownership, leasing, or rental.


Moventor takes care of occupational health and safety excellence. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of each employee, customer and subcontractor. By applying safety features to all our products, every customer benefits from improved efficiency of their operations and increased performance of their business.


Moventor manufactures high-quality, safe, modern and long lifecycle products. We are committed to continuous improvement in products and services environmental friendliness. We also drive for solutions which are environmentally friendly in sales and production. We work with our suppliers and customers to search for opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint.


In our solution creation and operations, we focus on:

  • Complying and exceeding applicable laws rules and regulations
  • Minimizing emissions, energy and water consumption, pollution, waste and using recyclable materials
  • Designing products in a way that they maximize lifetime and lifecycle environmental footprint
  • Offering customers options to overhaul and upgrade equipment instead of purchasing new
  • Encouraging suppliers, subcontractors, retailers and recyclers of our products to adopt the same environmental principles as Moventor 


Moventor has implemented and maintains a documented Environmental Management System (EMS) that provides the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets. These objectives and targets are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure the continuing suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of Moventor`s EMS.


Moventor is committed to highest possible quality and best customer service. Our quality policy is in line with our values:

Customer-oriented activities: The principles for all activities are based on the customer needs and expectations. To offer the best possible solution for the customer is the key to success.

 Transparency and high ethical norms: We work in responsible way in all activities. We follow ethical principles and current legislation. We promise only what we can execute. 

Highly skilled and motivated people: The quality is done by the persons working in Moventor. The baseline for our activities is well trained, skilled and motivated staff.

Commitment for quality: In Moventor, quality is present in all company activities. We follow and monitor our quality in processes and products. We are committed for continuous improvement.