All airports with turbojet traffic should own or have access to a CFME. Skiddometer BV11 is the most reliable and accurate system for determining runway surface friction values.

The Skiddometer CFME system is designed for easy towing with any vehicle. It incorporates features and improvements gained from more than thirty years of experience. The product’s proven lifecycle cost is the lowest in the market. Only a few of the Skiddometer’s parts are exposed to wear, so maintenance and calibration are only needed once a year. The trailer is designed to last for decades and all models can be updated with current parts and the latest computer system.

What you get

Unbeatable Technology

  • Reliability in all weather conditions: no batteries required, no complicated and failure sensitive hydraulic or pneumatic systems
  • Simple, robust and practical design with measuring and reference wheels in line: redirecting reference wheel’s power to measuring wheel provides reduced drag and better stability
  • The easiest calibration check on the market, confirmed with one button operation
  • Accurate data validation
  • Unique self zero adjustment

Improved safety

  • Determine friction values, so corrective action can be taken
  • Fast, continuous, accurate and reliable friction measurements for the entire length of the runway

Low life cycle cost

  • Aircraft can take more payload when friction is at a certain level (landing and take-off)
  • Precise information for scheduling maintenance such as snow and ice removal etc.
  • Precise information on need to remove built-up rubber
  • Constant detailed information on the condition of the runway surface.
The Skiddometer BV11 Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME) is approved and recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Similar systems on the market are still comparison tested with the Skiddometer, originally launched in 1968. Moventor is assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Time to time we have also preowned second hand units for sale. See more information.

Self wetting systems

Besides using the Skiddometer during rain, slush, and snow conditions (operational use), the Skiddometer is also used for checking the runway surface condition and “rubber build-ups” (Runway Calibration), i.e. measuring wet friction at a water depth of one millimeter. This measurement is based on recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and ASTM standard E 1960 – 98.

Since wet pavement always yields the lowest friction measurements, we offer a self-wetting system which simulates wet pavement surface conditions and provides the operator with a continuous record of friction values along the length of the runway. The attached water pump and nozzle are designed to provide a uniform water depth of 1 mm (0.04 inches) in front of the friction measuring tire. This wetted surface produces friction values that are most meaningful in determining whether or not corrective actions are required.

Runway calibration equipment

For regular runway calibration with a trailer-based Skiddometer BV11, we offer the WMS Water Measurement System. The WMS system is totally self-contained and offers maximum flexibility, as any vehicle can be used for towing. The stainless steel water tank is built from multiple compartments to prevent sloshing. Its capacity is sufficient to make the longest runway measurements with a single run.

Features and benefits

  • The most advanced self-wetting system on the market
  • Its robust pumping system automatically provides an always correct uniform water depth of 1 mm (0.04 inches)
  • The stainless steel tank’s volume can be suited and optimized for customer needs
  • Extremely stable, low center of gravity construction
  • Service free robust construction
  • Can be used to transport Skiddometer BV11 for longer distances, e.g. between different airports.

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The Water Onboard system has the pump mounted on the towed Skiddometer BV11, and water tank in the tow vehicle. The water tank is a 1,000-liter flexible plastic water sack placed in the vehicle.

Features and benefits

  • The robust pumping system automatically provides an always correct uniform water depth of 1 mm (0.04 inches)
  • A cost effective solution which can be added to any Skiddometer BV11
  • The water tank can be suited to customer needs.

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The Skiddometer BV11VI (Vehicle Integration) is the latest innovation in friction measurement. Its proven technology has been adapted to use a hydraulic lift system with the Skiddometer BV11 and the Skiddometer Touch Screen computer, to provide better vehicle integration.

The vehicle integrated Skiddometer can be equipped with watering system which includes aluminum water tank and electrical pumping system. Pump can be controlled by the Touch Screen computer which makes the operation easy and water consumption is optimized.

Features and benefits

  • The electrical pumping system automatically provides an always correct uniform water depth of 1 mm (0.04 inches)
  • A cost effective solution which can be added to any Skiddometer BV11VI
  • The water tank and vehicle can be suited to customer needs
  • No separate systems, all integrated on the vehicle.

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