EHR Rubber Removal equipment


Absorption of Deicing Fluids

  • Debris container with heated floor
  • Optimized debris container for usable volumes up to 12 m³
  • Variable working width of suction unit (up to 3 m)
  • Large inlet pipe in order to prevent obstruction
  • Superior suction power and cleaning capacity

Optional accessory for higher equipment utilization:

  • Possible switch-over to summer cleaning equipment
  • Various high-pressure water cleaning equipment

Cleaning of Aprons

  • Large-area high-pressure cleaning  (up to 3000 bar)
  • Cleaning of extremely dirty areas
  • Removal of road markings
  • Cleaning of cargo areas
  • Removal of FOD
  • Large-area sweeping up to a working width of 6 m
  • Large-area suction of the waste up to a working width of 3 m

Optional accessory & Customized solutions:

  • Lateral blower device with blowing nozzle
  • Special cleaning equipment for your individual requirements
Runway Rubber Removal

Removal of Rubber and Special Cleaning

  • Removal of rubber on all surfaces
  • Removal of road markings
  • Cleaning of runway surface lights
  • Removal of oil on road
  • Improvement of road traction
  • Variable and large working width for superior performance
  • All products rely only on high-pressure water without the use of chemical additives
  • Superior cleaning and suction power

Optional accessory & Customized and optimized solutions for your individual demands:

  • Various possibilities for powering the water pump (e.g. add-on engine, direct drive with drive shaft using the PTO of the hydrostatic gear, hydraulic propulsion using the hydrostatic gear)
  • Enlargement of the working width up to 3,5 m
  • Complementary concept for enhanced fresh water capacity and debris volume with optimal axle load distribution
  • Large usable volume due to optimized design of debris container
  • Integrated water treatment system