Global reporting Format is going to change the industry permanently

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has developed a system called Global Reporting Format (GRF), which will step into effect as of November 5th 2020. The change in legislation is big and rather complex but when implemented in the correct way, we have good chance to improve safety on runways.

As a company that’s been on the bleeding edge of runway reporting technology for ten years, we want to make sure that none of our contacts/partners/network/affiliates get thrown under the bus by this new piece of legislation. So we’re giving out free consultations where we tell you all the relevant facts and action steps to make sure your airport is in compliance with the new, industry-changing regulation.

Global runway reporter – Our solution to the new requirements

Global Runway Reporter is a modern software designed for making runway inspection and maintenance effortless and efficient and also Global Reporting Format standardized. Get alerted when inspection is timely. Report contaminants easily directly from the inspection vehicle with Mobile software. Explore with limitless visual analytics. Customize analyzing tools and perform analyses in just a few clicks. From the biggest airports to the smallest ones uses Global Runway Reporter to report runway conditions and generate consistent SNOWTAM syntax. For more information on Global Runway Reporter, please see the video below.