Moventor will attend Inter Airport Europe 2017 at München, Germany. We will have a joint stand with EHR Fahrzeugtechnik. Warm welcome to visit us in our stand and find out more about our products. The following equipment can be seen on the exhibition:


Skiddometer BV11

Runway friction tester blurb

All airports with turbojet traffic should own or have access to a CFME. Skiddometer BV11 is the most reliable and accurate system for determining runway surface friction values.

The Skiddometer CFME system is designed for easy towing with any vehicle. It incorporates features and improvements gained from more than thirty years of experience. The product’s proven lifecycle cost is the lowest in the market. Only a few of the Skiddometer’s parts are exposed to wear, so maintenance and calibration are only needed once a year. The trailer is designed to last for decades and all models can be updated with current parts and the latest computer system.



Skiddometer BV11 VI

Vehicle integrated CFME 2

The Skiddometer BV11VI (Vehicle Integration) is the latest innovation in friction measurement. Its proven technology has been adapted to use a hydraulic lift system with the Skiddometer BV11 and the Skiddometer Touch Screen computer, to provide better vehicle integration.

This new and simple construction allows the Skiddometer unit to be installed easily on any brand of pickup truck available on the market without modifications to the vehicle itself. Friction measurement can take place during the worst possible weather conditions, and now any vehicle can be used to perform the measurement, including safe four-wheel drives designed for such



Runway friction tester