Moventor’s Strategic Partnership with Stansted Airport: Elevating Runway Safety and Efficiency

Jan 2, 2024 | Blog, News

At the heart of airport operations lies the paramount concern for safety and efficiency. In this arena, Moventor has established itself as an industry vanguard, providing unparalleled friction measurement solutions – after all, it’s not for nothing that our mission for years has been to make every runway safer. Our recently established partnership with Stansted Airport is a hallmark of this commitment, showcasing a synergy of innovation and expertise.

The Stansted Imperative

Stansted Airport is a central hub for travel to and from the UK. Annually it serves tens of millions of passengers and, in 2022, had over 159,000 aircraft movements. With an ever-increasing traffic volume, the airport faced a pressing need to upgrade its runway safety mechanisms. The challenge was to find equipment that not only offered superior performance but also aligned with the rigorous regulatory frameworks and special requirements of UK aviation. Stansted also prioritised software-hardware integrations in order to make sure incoming data is utilised to the highest possible degree in order to achieve cost efficiency.

Stansted’s pursuit of excellence led them through an extensive evaluation of global suppliers. Moventor, with its sterling reputation for robust and adaptable hardware and software, emerged as the frontrunner. Our proven track record, punctuated by positive feedback from international clients, resonated with Stansted’s high standards.

Tailored Solutions: Moventor’s Approach

Understanding Stansted’s unique needs, we offered a bespoke solution encompassing the latest friction measurement equipment and our Web Service Premium package. Stansted ended up purchasing two units of Skiddometer BV11 trailers and one unit of our Water Measurement System that is compatible with both trailers and can be used with one or the other as the situation requires. The hardware integrates directly into our Web Service Premium package. 

The intelligent integration of hardware and software affords instantaneous access to crucial data in real-time, empowering the airport to optimise maintenance schedules and decrease operational costs. Our software allows the Stansted Airside Operations team to get notified when actions such as rubber removal are required. Additionally, our software provides trend analysis, which in turn helps schedule rubber removal in advance and optimise resurfacing frequency, which drastically reduces operational costs.

Moventor: A Legacy of Innovation

Our journey with Stansted Airport is more than a business collaboration; it is a testament to Moventor’s unwavering pursuit of excellence. With a legacy grounded in innovation, we continue to push the boundaries, redefining what is possible in airport safety and operational efficiency. Moventor – makes every runway safer.

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