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Making every runway safer

At Moventor, our mission is grounded in safety. We seamlessly blend robust hardware with intuitive software to deliver top-tier friction measurement solutions. Our systems don’t just relay data—they interpret it. Leveraging artificial intelligence, our software predicts potential hazards, allowing operators to act before risks escalate. As we innovate, we’re mindful of our environmental impact. Our solutions are not only efficient but also eco-friendly. Our hardware products are proven to last decades, and our factory in Finland can overhaul any old unit, making our environmental impact smaller. With continuous research and development, Moventor is poised to set new standards in runway safety. Our dedication to ensuring every takeoff and landing is safe remains our guiding star.

Skiddometer bv11

Unbeatable Technology

  • Reliability in all weather conditions: no batteries required, no complicated and failure sensitive hydraulic or pneumatic systems
  • Simple, robust and practical design with measuring and reference wheels in line: redirecting reference wheel’s power to measuring wheel provides reduced drag and better stability
  • The easiest calibration check on the market, confirmed with one button operation
  • The most modern computer technology in the market
  • Unique self zero adjustment

Improved safety

  • Determine friction values, so corrective action can be taken
  • Fast, continuous, accurate and reliable friction measurements for the entire length of the runway
  • Can be equipped with self-wetting system to ensure safe runway conditions at all times

Low life cycle cost

  • Aircraft can take more payload when friction is at a certain level (landing and take-off)
  • Precise information for scheduling maintenance such as snow and ice removal etc.
  • Precise information on need to remove built-up rubber
  • Constant detailed information on the condition of the runway surface.

The Skiddometer BV11 Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME) is approved and recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Similar systems on the market are still comparison tested with the Skiddometer, originally launched in 1968. Moventor is assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Skiddometer BV11 VI

The Skiddometer BV11 VI (Vehicle Integration) is the latest innovation in friction measurement. Skiddometer proven technology has been adapted to use a electrical lift system with the Skiddometer BV11 and the Skiddometer Touch Screen computer, to provide better vehicle integration.

This new and simple construction allows the Skiddometer unit to be installed easily on any brand of pickup truck available on the market without modifications to the vehicle itself. Friction measurement can take place during the worst possible weather conditions, and now any vehicle can be used to perform the measurement, including safe four-wheel drives designed for such conditions. Also the ground clearance from measuring wheel is high which allows regular driving with the vehicle.



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A one-stop-shop for airfield safety

The four modules cover the whole process of Runway Reporting and makes it simple and safe. Alerter improves cost efficiency due to better timing of efforts and gives alerts when PIREP or aeroplane RWYCC differ current runway condition. Mobile software gives guidance for the user for assessment and visualises reported conditions on real time. Web software allows history browsing and running unlimited analysis from the database.

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) has put lot of effort to build up a harmonized reporting system called Global Reporting Format (GRF). The purpose of this is that no matter where the pilot is landing, he or she is getting the runway report in same format and in a way that the reported condition is the same in all airports. This new format replaces all existing formats in November 2020. All airports should report runway conditions according to this Global Reporting Format by then. So basically all airports should report runway conditions and with Global Runway Reporter software this can be easily done in a way that it always follows ICAO standards.