Friction Measuring in GRF

In the previous post, we discussed How to assess and report the runway in GRF. In GRF regulations, the inspector has to take into account several inputs when he/she is assessing the overall condition of the runway. Among the five different input channels in runway...

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How to assess and report the runway in GRF.

In the previous post , we discussed the Global Reporting Format (GRF). GRF is a standardized language reporting format for runways surface conditions around the globe. In GRF regulations, runway condition code assessment should be based upon trained inspectors’...

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Global Reporting Format, Are You Ready for That?

Accidents related to slipperiness (runway excursions) is one of the top safety risks of airports all around the world. A majority of runway excursions occur when the runway is contaminated by water, ice, or snow. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s...

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